My short leave

I have been pretty busy lately, I didn’t have any real interesting topics to write about but I have some now. I hope you understand I try to post every one to two days. Got some new posts coming!



~ by nikopsk on January 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “My short leave”

  1. Jerk WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US FROM OUR WONDERFUL posts … you don’t get time off of you’re daily blogging! µ can’t take us for a trip waiting for weeks on end just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting! …

  2. ~LOL

    I like the u symbol…. 😛

  3. THX XD è œ » ½ >:) hahah see in windows there is special symbols that you use with alt and the number pad, but I haven’t yet figured it out with *buntu yet 😦

  4. you mean like: üßûñtú

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