Experimenting with paths

Well, I am a real inkscape fan and was looking around the screencasts . One of them fools around with paths and I ended up with the image enclosed below. Basically:

  1. I made three frames,
  2. Placed the frames accordingly,
  3. Duplicated the image three times (each with a different frame)
  4. And finally turned the separate images to paths.
  5. Brought the nodes to the frames,
  6. I arranged the frames and added a dropshadow.

The screencast is here:

My Image is here:

I hope you enjoy,


~ by nikopsk on January 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Experimenting with paths”

  1. nice. I couldn’t of done that

  2. It’s simple, try the screencast.

  3. That looks sweet. But my inkscape talents are a low minimal. I only traced the IceWM logo in it, and made it an SVG before..

  4. It is very fun DrSmall, give it a go! Although, I don’t have much time lately… 😦

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