Why I am here now

Seeing as I am slightly tired I will recount how I started using linux.

Well, it all started three and a half years back. My friend introduced me to Linux on his PC. He plopped in a puppy Disc and I was fascinated right then and there. I experimented with over 15 different Linux distributions on wm-ware in windows.

Now with Ubuntu I started in the drapper series with The gnome based Ubuntu and then tried a bit of Xubuntu alongside it.

Now, I am in full time Linux due to the reason Windows (Just to let you all know, Windows is fine besides being proprietary and having to maintain things (such as hold back viruses)) and I loved my config. Now I was all fine but one day I get a virus on the scan radar; Three viruses (and malicious cookies 😦 ) so I delete them, but one keeps coming back.

A little while later I start getting pop-ups in IE7. (not that I used it, I upgraded to IE7 for safeness issues, but I guess that didn’t help me much) My browser had been hijacked. I had no idea why or how but It had. At least it wasn’t that malicious. It would just pop-up random sites (such as yahoo and the likes).

One day, it fired 100+ blank pages at me and I decided enough is enough, (I was sure there was also a keylogger) I had to keep myself safe. So I popped in my Xubuntu livecd to recover my files. I downloaded ubuntu and installed that. Apart from some minor issues, (I can’t use my remote and no tv recording with my pvr) others have been resolved at the ubuntuforums.

I am full time Linux but still miss some things (exe’s do not run without wine, gameguard issues, no zinio for me) but they don’t bother me so much anymore. I have been full time for 5 months now and I can’t wait for hardy.

I guess I’m just scared of viruses and too lazy to keep my system anti-virus up to date… maybe that’s why I love Linux so much, low maintenance and high usability. If only viruses didn’t exist… never will happen though.

PS: here is a screenshot of my windows configuration, the only one I have! (My Icons are a bit messy 😉 )

I love you Windows!

Best to you,


~ by nikopsk on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why I am here now”

  1. Is that Ubuntu or is it XP? because I can’t tell at all 😀

  2. XP, a bit messy albeit 😛

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