My Little Idea for Firefox

While I was away I had this idea.

Well, Have you ever Had one of those times where you’ve put something ALL CAPS by accident? You’ve had to delete it all and type it again. Also one of those times where you’ve wanted to count the words? Well, I composed a little mockup what I think it should look like in Firefox.

If I ever find out how to make add-ons, I will make one for you and post about it later. I think it’s a great idea, and would add even more usefulness to an already great browser. I made the mock-up in The Gimp.

Would help me alot...



~ by nikopsk on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Little Idea for Firefox”

  1. Yeah nice idea. I quite often wish to be able to use the transpose feature (i.e. to turn fuond into found you’d hit Ctrl-T on the bash prompt) but often webforms and gui apps don’t have this feature.

    Perhaps a sub menu of CAPS, CamelCase, Captilised, or lowercase may be useful. Of course then ones think it would be neeat to have some pre programable Reg exp search/replace patterns there as well.

    Then it’s only a small jump to an email client built into the right click context menu.

    I jest, I jest.

  2. Good thoughts there! It would liven all our days… I need to talk to some firefox devs.

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