Speed up your Gnome menus.

Well, I was looking around; I hated the usual long delay of a gnome menu or sub-menu popping up so I saw this little hack.

Basically, it tells gnome to give your menus a zero second delay of dropping down, so hence, faster menus. You could also change “0” to 50 and put it on someone else’s gnome computer… 👿 Enjoy:

So first, open up Text editor and paste this in:
gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0"| tee -a .gtkrc-2.0

Now save it in your home Folder under the name of:


Now enjoy faster gnome menus!


~ by nikopsk on December 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Speed up your Gnome menus.”

  1. How does this work anyway? Well, not that it matters to me. My Fluxbox menus pop up in about 2 milliseconds 😀

  2. oh and another thing, your tags are missing the commas

  3. Ok then….

  4. It works awesome. I love this 🙂

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