Frets On Fire!

This is basically Guitar hero for the PC. It’s appropriately named “Frets on Fire” due to the little things you are supposed to hit are called “Frets”.

Pretty addicting, though there needs to be more than just the default three songs included in the download. I still prefer some other games, as this kind of hurts your fingers, but it’s still a fun, great game. 😛

Unfortunately for me; my keyboard does not have enough cord left to hold it like a guitar (my wireless one is screwing up again…) but my regular score on easy levels is 90. I got 100% accurate on the “Bang Bang Mystery Man” song.

To get the game itself:

For songs go to:



~ by nikopsk on December 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Frets On Fire!”

  1. oh so that’s what you’ve been talking about so much. Well, I never really liked playing guitar hero (even If I’ve never played it, I don’t think pretending to play a guitar and beating levels is fun) and this looks like guitar hero. But at least it’s for linux 🙂

  2. Fret’s On Fire is quite good, I used it until I decided to buy Guitar Hero…then I also used my Guitar Hero guitar for Frets On Fire which was cool 😀

  3. How so? Joeb, does this work with linux?

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