Gridwars, an open source derivative of geometry wars. Both are very addictive. Grid wars 2 has plenty of hours of fun waiting inside the tarball for you. There are plenty of different powerups and enemys to keep it entertaining.

I think it’s nice when a game is taken, made better and free. All of us benefit. I don’t play it that much anymore, maybe due to life getting in the way of my gaming, but I’ll stil recommend to you.

I use the mouse in this game, I seem to prefer it, but you can use the keyboard. The power-ups also provide interesting situations where you are just about the get enclosed, then you get a lifesaving power-up. Bomb also helps in situations where your chance of survival is nill, but they remove your score multiplier.

The linux version is a bit laggy, and doesn’t offer the option to change the color and ‘style” of your grid. I hope the speed issues get fixed and I hope you enjoy!

Download here:



~ by nikopsk on December 25, 2007.

One Response to “Gridwars!”

  1. Too bad it’s laggy… Haven’t played it much lately.

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