Nexuiz Map Pack

Well, you might just want to get the nexuiz map pack which adds 35 maps to the already many maps existing. I enjoy many if not most of them. To “install” the maps just extract the zip and put all the files in the “data” folder into


that should give them to you. Also if you don’t already have the great game nexuiz, get it with a quick
sudo apt-get install nexuiz

Though before you do this I might add a little insight on this subject? 😀 Nexuiz is a first person shooter made by Alientrap and comes with a bunch of nice maps itself.

A few of these maps are still beta or have glitches but none of them shoud really affect game-play unless someone (me… 🙂 ) utilizes them unfairly.

I first started playing Nexuiz when I got it on a Maximum PC DVD, I think I got version 2.2 on there… hehe… It’s now grown a bit more into (now) 2.4, with the re-designed menu system.

In 2.3, changing things is easy, creating servers etcetera. I also really enjoy modifying weapons to change their damage, splash damage and more, it creates really fun(ny) games sometimes.

Happy fragging,

~ by nikopsk on December 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Nexuiz Map Pack”

  1. yes I love nexuiz. And adding those map packs only enhances the experience!

  2. yes I love Nexuiz! And the maps only add to the experience. BTW, we should play later 🙂

  3. Nexuiz is fragtastic 😉 I nexuiz everybody!

  4. lol, it’s a great game.

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