No Apple support for Linux…

Hello to all, I guess I’ll contemplate with myself (and maybe you) why Apple refuses to add support to their products for us users of Linux.  It seems rather unjust due to the example I’ll provide for you below:

The Linux kernel is composed of a distribution of UNIX, namely Minix. Apple’s operating system (the current being OSX) is also built on UNIX. So why not Apple? I know I can replace the firmware with a form of Linux named “iPod Linux” (or whatever) and I could, my friend does and it’s pretty cool.

But… I really don’t want to as it will void my warranty (yes, I have one) and I’m rather unsure of the entire process. Linux for iPod’s has lots of different neat things, I might give it a go once I get tired of just waiting (it still won’t happen) for Apple to roll out a version of their software for us.

There could probably be a from of dirty hack off the mac version, but I don’t believe it’s been tried yet. Most likely possible (?) I presume. I also tried running iTunes under wine, oops, it can’t read my device. Cross that idea out.

I’ve also tried many highly spoken (others too, not so) second choices to the Apple product, all which didn’t really work for me. I tried among others: Floola, Songbird, Amarok ( 😯 ), GTKpod etcetera…

Still, maybe some of them I tried were not right for the job (although I read they could add songs to iPods…), so maybe that’s why some of them didn’t work to my desire.  I have heard of a few who have actually gotten their iPods to work on Linux (and rename them too!), but the methods I followed at Ubuntuforums didn’t work for me.

So, here I am with an iPod, with somebody else’s name as it’s owner, no songs… What to do beside play the small amount of games over and over and over until the battery runs out. I know! Hook up my computer preceding this one!

Erm, actually, no thanks. I’m fine. It’s been sitting under my desk ever since I moved and not used once except the time I booted it up to see if anything had been damages during my move here. It’s also bloated with a bunch of applications I installed previously and maybe has a few viruses.

I think I’ll wipe the drive when I’m not lazy and do a clean install of Windows XP. I’ll put it in the living room and maybe hook it up to the net so people don’t bother me for the one in my room 😛 .

Well, that’s about all I can say right now. Apple is a very nice company and I really like their products, but Apple, maybe borrow Hewlet Packard’s point of view to make your products even more used. Be open, share your gift.



~ by nikopsk on December 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “No Apple support for Linux…”

  1. I have to say that I agree with you on this one. I’ve said this for ages…+1 😀

  2. Poor niko ….. you should just get a creative product! they work great with gnomad2 😛

  3. Waaa, but I already have this! 😥

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