kde is too big….

Certain KDE distributions are the pretty much most bloated things I know alongside Mr. Vista and his brothers. They have crammed everything possibly fitting on 700 megabytes of disk. There are a certain many nice applications for KDE, but some are really pushing it.

This has gotten (and is getting) better now along with KDE4 and maybe a few other software titles which are trying to clean themselves out. Although I am considering giving KDE4 a try just to see what it’s really all like. Dolphin is pretty nice, but Thunar and Nautilus still beat it by far.

I honestly don’t want something for looks (but not too bad looking) but rather usability.  I want useful features, not pointless ones. I like customization, not over customization. Some KDE distributions really are nice, they don’t push anything and keep it minimal. Just what I like.

I am in the process of test driving Konqueror for day to day usage (browsing and file managing) but, I don’t like the buttons, but something non “K” seems more native to me, I guess I’m just more of a Gnome and XFCE person….

I also prefer dedicated (although this may be 😕 ) applications such as Firefox and nautilus (or Firefox and Dolphin 😛 ). Maybe also the theme of KDE just doesn’t make me feel at home. Anyways, I much rather prefer other variants.

Sadly, KDE just isn’t for me (actually, Kubuntu), but oh well, many other flavours of Linux out there waiting for you and me. I would recommend mainly Gnome based distributions, but, that’s just me.  😉



~ by nikopsk on December 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “kde is too big….”

  1. I really don’t even like the interface either. I’m not sure why so many people like it….

  2. yah, KDE is too big. And it hurts my eyes 😦

  3. +1 for not being a KDE fan 🙂

    And niko, the office disc’s I got because I was eligible for the ultimate steal (I think the website is http://www.theultimatesteal.com) and they shipped me out some back-up disc’s.

    You’ll notice on the pic that it says “Not for retail or OEM distribution” and it also says on the left “Unlicensed Software” as I was emailed the product key.

  4. Maybe that was what ticked me off about Kubuntu…
    I mean, I don’t like it’s interface and all, but just because I believe that doesn’t mean Kubuntu shouldn’t exist. There should be alternatives, and Kubuntu is one of them that others like.

    I certainly don’t, but let them stick with it if they want to 😉

  5. KDE4 is nicer…. 😀

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